Blog intimiditus ..

I am tiptoeing my way into making this blog.  Almost my first attempt .. and my early adventures on a clumsy site two years ago have gotten lost in the developments since then anyway.  My laptop screen now looks like the computer equivalent of an aeroplane dashboard.  And yes, I see they call this editing part of the program a dashboard!  Maybe not quite as daunting as the ones I recall from recent excursions in tiny planes in Arnhem Land, and certainly not as dangerous (one hopes), but of the same quality.  So many dials.  So many switches.  So much to learn.  If I raise my eyes to the windows in front of me I see a wintry landscape, rolling green paddocks, up close a native robin.  There are no kangaroos and emus just now but there could be .. there are hoards around these parts.  It all seems so other to this screen.  I think I know it.  I think there isn’t anything I have to learn about it today.  Strange how we settle these things at some level in our minds.  Anyway, I am off exploring to see what I can bring into this site or link to it, and also to see what it is already linked to and where it might lead me.  Anthea


~ by ganyu on July 14, 2009.

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